You Are the Mirror

The room is full of smiles, laughter, an energy you can feel. It's as if the room had a pulse of its own. 

We're putting our journals aside, lacing up our shoes and getting ready to move the body and shout our affirmations! We can hardly wait! 

Another amazing intenSati event in NYC. I found my tribe! I am bursting with so much love, gratitude and joy for this day!

But something was different. As our teacher and mentor, Patricia stands on stage and commands with her loving strong voice "leaders up front". As intenSati leaders were making their way to the front to face the room and lead with P, I heard the voice in my head - "that's me! I'm an official intenSati Leader". With hardly a hesitation I ran to the front of the room! 

I AM Ready!

I Can Do Hard Things!
I AM Stronger Than Before!
I AM Fired Up!......

I AM Ready to Lead!

..... right left, right left" as we typically do in class. My friend and co-leader whispers "remember, move left-right, as you shout the command right-left." What?!?!!! 

Alicia is a professional dance teacher, so leading a class of 50 or 200 was second nature for her. For me, counting the moves, shouting the affirmation, and moving my body all at the same time was still abit new for me! 

As I face the crowd rather than us all looking in the same direction at a mirror in a studio - there were no mirrors! I had to be their mirror and lead them to all move their left arm in sinc, then right, and on and on as we repeat "I can do hard things. I am making progress....." 

Oh yes! I can do this. 

Sure, I could have run off to the back of the room, became the student rather than the teacher, no one would have noticed. I made the decision to show up - for me. Do the hard thing, stand in my power and have an amazing time. 

No, I was not perfect. 
Was it fun? Absolutely! 
Did I grow? You bet! 
Was my confidence accelerated? Oh Yes! 

You see, we don't grow in the corners of dark rooms. We grow in the light of our peers, teachers, strangers and ourselves. What do you want to grow in? Where are you ready to excel? Even if you're scared, do it anyway. 
You've got this! 
YOU CAN do hard things!

And remember, when you stand in your light, you mirror to the world to stand in theirs.


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