Let Love Rule

Let Love Rule
I teach a class called intenSati. Sati is sanskrit for mindfulness, and 'inten' comes from the word intention. The foundation of the class is about mindfully living on purpose, with intention and no judgement. This class basically puts mindfulness into action! What is mindfulness? It is defined as paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, without judgement. Ok, so you might still be wondering what this class is really about then. Do we just sit around and 'be'? Not exactly. Quite the opposite, actually.

intenSati is a heart pumping, mind energizing class that gets deep into your soul. Yes, it's cardio. Yes, it's meditation. Yes, it's breath work. Yes, it's yoga. Personally this class is life changing! Think cardio class infused with intention setting, powerful music and meditation, and mantras to elevate your energy and mindset. 

Each month we have a new series with new moves and new affirmations. Our October series is "Let Love Rule". We set the intention to bring love into everything we do. Imagine there are only two emotions; love and fear. And within each emotion lies the secondary emotions, or the emotions that align with the main emotion. For example love, we also feel joy, compassion, happiness, etc. If we are in a state of fear, we may experience hate, shame, guilt, blame, etc. Right now we focus on love, expanding love first within ourselves and letting that abundance poor out to all those around us. The Course in Miracles states that miracles are a change in perspective. And when we are in a loving state, we can create miracles.
Love is an energy from the heart. All emotions are energy. From the heart we can experience joy, compassion, kindness. When we make decisions from a loving space, we act from a place of good for all. We begin to see things differently, a change in perspective, which allows us to act more consciously, eyes wide open.
The powerful part of this practice, intenSati, is putting the words into action. Fun, of course, as well as powerful and exciting. Here are our affirmations for this week:





With each affirmation is a move. To experience that, you will have to come to class! Join me Mondays at 8am on Instagram and Facebook. You have to experience it to feel it! Expect a miracle!!