What kind of morning person are you?

I have identified 3 kinds – mostly from my own personal experience! 

1. You jump out of bed before the alarm goes off – wait! What alarm? “My body thrives in the morning, I just wake up with my internal clock, smile on my face, excited for my day!” Doesn’t everybody?!


2. You want to be that person – shiny, smiling ear to ear looking forward to every exciting moment of your day. But it’s a challenge. You drag yourself out of bed, hitting snooze a few times, faking the smile, but inside saying “who does this!? Where’s the sun?”


3. Snooze for hours, hiding under the covers, dreading the day, wishing it was already over. Making up excuses for why you had to call off work – and you haven’t even opened your eyes! Smile – what’s that? My face doesn’t compute that at this time. 

I am quite familiar with each sleep persona. I have been through them all! I am writing this at 7am having already completed my 22 minute meditation, journaling and Instagram posts, and feeling excited for my day! 

How did this happen? 

How did I go from being grumpy snoozer #3 to an energized and alive #1 before the sun comes up?


I had to want it –this purpose and drive for the day– so bad that I was willing to give up what stood in the way of me being the person who greets the day with joy. I had to see myself living as that person, being her, and the actions followed. And I don’t regret a day of it. It’s like going on a run; once you get out there and do it, you don’t regret it. It feels good, you feel strong, and accomplished in meeting your goals. 

You have to start somewhere.

My beginning is the decision. I had to decide and choose that this persona is what I wanted for myself. And I had to know the WHY. Why is it important for me to be a morning person? 

My why:

  • More time to get things done that are important to me
  • Quiet time
  • More time to enjoy my day
  • My positive mood from getting up early
  • I choose success for my day
  • I want to love my day and be excited for every minute of it

Who are you — Who do you want to be — and what are you willing to do to get there?

Get your subconscious mind to believe what you what it to.

We know things on two levels: conscious mind and subconscious mind. If you say you want to be a morning person but it’s not happening, it’s because your subconscious mind believes otherwise. 

Writing opens the door to the subconscious mind. Morning writing is like opening an unlocked door – the mind is fresh and ready to receive. 

What do you want? 

I am here to guide you. The practice is simple. It does take discipline, consistency, and dedication to YOU. It takes wanting a certain lifestyle for yourself more than the fear of the struggle. 

“There is a power within me that is stronger than any external situation.”

Are you ready for the adventure of your life — to discover your life and live it fully? No more hiding behind the snooze, the excuses, the playing too small.

You have the opportunity to live large and out loud right now! 

Let’s do this together!

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