What's Worth of Your Time?

What's Worth of Your Time?

This morning in my study, I listened to a segment of “The Science of Getting Rich,” a piece of Bob Proctor’s Coaching Program, which I am currently immersed in. In over 20 years of self discovery and awakening, I was drawn to this program in order to continue to heal my financial story – the story of lack and limitation, the story that success was only for those who cheated the system.

This financial story has been at the forefront of my mind as I’m at a turning point in my life and career. I have 4 boys; two of them are about to go off into the world to create their own success and adventures. I am not done being a role model for them, never will that blessing be complete. So I must continue my journey in self exploration so that we can all be fulfilled in all that we do. 

None of us are here by chance – we are here for a purpose.

I’ve always done what I’ve loved to do. I truly believe that we – every single one of us – has a gift – a unique gift to share with the world. None of us are here by chance – we are here for a purpose. I’ve had times where what I was doing seemed to be lacking joy; it felt more like work than a worthy cause. It felt like having your foot caught in a hole– you keep trying to move forward because you can see the reward, the passion ahead of you– but can’t seem to get your foot out to take that next step forward. 

Why is that?

What takes over and keeps me stuck? 


The mind likes to go back to what it’s been trained to think over and over. I’ve had years of thinking and believing a certain way. At this point, still more than half my life was programmed with a belief I no longer wish to fulfill. 

Now I choose success, fulfillment, abundance, and riches of all kinds. 

I’ll be honest, I’m still a work in progress! When I write the words “riches of all kinds”, there’s still that nudge that says “really? Money, financial abundance… is that ethical?” 100% IT IS. And I will repeat that over and over until I believe it in my deepest core. One of the things I’ve learned from the Bob Proctor Coaching Program (BPC), is that the more that I have, the more I have to give and to serve with. We cannot do great things for others when we cannot even feed ourselves. That message sticks in my brain every time I feel ‘yucky’ about wanting abundance. I remind myself of all the more good I can do for others when I am abundantly fulfilled. 

The more that I have, the more I have to give and to serve with.

Another ‘ah ha’ moment hit this morning when I was in my study reading “The Science of Getting Rich.” I read that success is defined as “the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” This wasn’t the first time I read this definition. In fact, when I went to search for the exact words, I found it in my notebook at the beginning of my studies months ago! This morning, in my work, the question was asked:

“What is worthy of your time?”

The Science of Getting Rich – Bob Proctor

Simple question right? It hit me like a brick upside the head. I get caught up in the things that I love, then swept up in the ‘achievement’ of them – “get it done!” Then I lose my spark, the passion diminishes, it feels like work, my foot’s stuck in the hole. This morning, Bob’s words rung in my head: “You are the highest of God’s creation. You are worthy because you are. Now, what is worthy of your time and energy?”  Ahhh, I had it backwards – I thought that this thing I was attempting to achieve, to accomplish – needed me because IT was important to be shared with the world. Not quite! I am worthy and where I put my energy is how I share my worthiness. That’s when success follows. 

I am worthy and where I put my energy is how I share my worthiness. 

So I challenge you to think about your habits and your outlook on personal achievement. Ask yourself: 

Do I see my worth?

How do I express my worth?

How does my worth materialize in the world for others to see and benefit from?

Always remember: You are worthy. Your worth is expressed in all you do. Don’t lose sight of your greatness!

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