Do you feel discouraged, stuck and unfulfilled, 
ready for a shift in how you feel?

Is it difficult to look in the mirror and see 
the reflection with love?

Do you feel like you're on autopilot, going through the motions 
of life and not getting what you really want?

Do you want to have fun and feel amazing in your life?

Are you ready for a shift?

The Image Shift is your 7 month transformational program 
to bring you a shift in your thinking, feeling and how 
you show up in your world. 


A 7 month coaching journey to elevate your emotions 
and create a powerful positive self image!

 A Powerful Positive Self Image is:
  • loving the image you see in the mirror
  • developing confidence to speak your truth and take positive action
  • learning to think outside your circumstances and begin creating an amazing life 
  • being the author of your thoughts, creating a mindset for success, happiness and fulfillment 
  • choosing to feel good in your own skin! 
  • Life will become exciting, adventurous and a journey that you create

Your SHIFT begins now!

Here are all the goodies!
Here's what you get to experience in this program with me:
 7 month coaching program (value $9800)
          ~2 weekly live calls each month for guidance, questions and clarification:
          ~ weekly office hours to ask questions, dive deeper to get you where you want to go
          ~ weekly group coaching sessions to support your new practices, break through blocks 
             and step into the life you want to live
          ~ engage in the community for support, collaboration and connection
                ~ Recommended essential oils to activate your energy (chakra each month

Build Your Powerful Practices
         ~ weekly printable and digital lessons to complete and keep you tuned in
          ~Each month, you will work week by week through a particular chakra (energy centers of                the body) and all its beautiful qualities with recorded lessons, downloadable audio and   
           hands-on tools to support your transformation 
          ~Complete each weekly practice and continue to build upon each week and each month 
          ~These practices activate your imagination, creativity and excitement

✨ Digital course with weekly assignments, meditations, and movement (Value $2500)
      ~ using the writing practice of Dump the Junk to let go of negative self talk
      ~ emotional clearing meditation with movement to activate the positive energy in the body 
        and release blocks (Value $250)
      ~ monthly intenSati classes that correspond with each energy center
       ~ unlimited digital course access 

✨ 33 day I AM Mantra Challenge & Journal (Value $333)
      ~ 33 days at a time to create positive affirmations and elevate your emotions
      ~ Your YES! YES! Journal (mailed directly to you) to record your commitments (yes #1) and               daily inspired action steps (yes #2)
      ~ daily accountability and mantras sent directly to you

✨ 1:1 VIP session to kick off our work together! (Value $525)
     ~ your own private session to get clear on what you want and need
     ~ create a plan for your 6 month, 1 year and 5 year goals - what inspires you

✨ Personalized meditation designed and recorded just for you (Value $200)
         ~ after gaining clarity from your VIP session, I create and record your own personal        
         meditation with your mantras for success and happiness
      ~ 15 minute uniquely curated meditation for daily listening to create the habits of positive 

✨ Make a Shift Essential Oils kit to compliment your practice (Value $201)
     ~receive your essential oils kit with 6 essential oils plus a diffuser to complement your            
       creativity, self care, and joy
     ~ mailed directly to your home to begin using with your daily journaling and meditation

✨ special discounts on local and online events

✨✨✨ Pay in Full Option includes 3 months Advanced Energy Work ($600 value)

TOTAL VALUE $13.559          
YOU PAY: $4997




Hi, I'm Dawn - Your Self Image Expert!

CEO of Mind Body Counseling & Coaching, PLLC
✨Licensed Professional Counselor
✨Certified Complementary Medicine and Wellness
✨Registered Yoga Teacher
✨Verified intenSati Leader
✨Self Image Expert
✨Creator of The Image Shift - 7 month transformational journey
✨International Speaker
✨ 3x Best Selling Author
✨Mentored by Bob Proctor and Wayne Dyer
✨ Spoken on stages to over 10,000 people
✨ Meditation expert 

Dawn Gaden

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