Self Image Coaching Program
7 Month Program to Master Your Mindset, Elevate Your Emotions and 
Create Conscious Connection
~ Transform Your Thinking to Create Elite Level Living


- Master Your Mindset
- Elevate Your Emotions
- Create Conscious Connection

- Once a week group meetings
-  Weekly office hours for extra support for questions and clarity
- accountability
- audio meditations and guides
and so much more!

INSPIRED ACTION  is required in order to create the life you love! 
Are you ready to discover what you're capable of?  
Let's get growing into the person you need to become 
in order to live your dreams!



  • As a member you'll receive:

  • Success GUARANTEE. do the work - the results appear! 

  • The pathway to manifesting the life of your dreams! 

  • journey through the chakras to get unstuck

  • A 3 hour vip Private Coaching Session

  • 4 Powerful group calls each month of inspired action taking steps 

  • Collaborative environment to raise your creative energy and ignite change

  • Access to the intensati 7 chakra series for creating lasting sustainable change

  • monthly membership to stress management program

  • 3 Minutes to Mindset Mastery with intensati

  • July retreat

Working with Dawn Gaden as a private client and receiving these deliverables would normally cost more than $15,997, but if you join the 

Self Image coaching you receive access  at just $4,997.


Dawn - Your Self Image Coach!

Dawn Marie Gaden is the CEO of Mind Body Counseling and Coaching, an international speaker, author and a successful entrepreneur. 

Dawn is a powerhouse in the field of personal development. She is internationally known for igniting positive change.

Her global coaching program - The Image Shift, Three Secrets to Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams is powerfully transforming professional women’s lives around the world. 
Dawn has devoted her life to studying with the best in the field of change work. Dawn has been mentored by speaking icons, like Bob Proctor and Dave Vanhoose, and has spoken on stages and podcasts to over 10,000 people. 

Dawn is a licensed counselor, coach, registered yoga teacher, and has unique expertise in changing the brain with exercise using the intenSati Method.

As an intenSati leader, Dawn teaches her clients a whole-body experience that creates a sustainable and powerful image shift that forever impacts their lives. 

Dawn was born and raised in Michigan, where she currently lives with her husband Mike of 22, raising four amazing boys that include 16 year old twins! She especially loves paddle-boarding, taking long walks on the beach and going on wild adventures across the country with her family each year.
But she is most grateful for the gifts she has discovered through her journey with cancer. It was in this experience that Dawn learned to thrive by living from a heart centered place, choosing to never compromise her joy and happiness for struggle and limitations. 

“I had an opportunity to work with Dawn Gaden, she is a phenomenal self image coach. I’m so inspired by her story about The Image Shift, wherever you are in terms of your mindset, where you see yourself, she helps you clarify the thoughts to build your mindset, master your emotions, and last she truly helps you grow your community to support you and grow your business to get you to the next level. Make sure you work with her!” Christopher Kai ~Fortune 100 global speaker, Billionaire Networker

"I am just loving your movement segments and energy during the event!  I instantly FELT BETTER, awake and centered after your movement with affirmations.  ~ Kelley Ohara,  Speaker Relations & Business Development Director

 “My counselor and coach extraordinaire, thank you for helping keep my mind healthy so I am able to help others. You have helped me help myself in so many ways and I cannot express enough appreciation for the valuable role you play in my life.” Jaime Hope, author of Habit That, ER doc.

"You've helped me find my voice. To find and understand my own voice. With the lessons you teach in yoga and the intenSati mindfulness practice, you have helped me see my own trauma and move away from it. I can almost see the rooms their in and I can now close the door to them. I've never been able to do that before. You've done a huge thing for me and I am so grateful for you."  Kate S.

Dawn Gaden

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