A Powerful Positive Self Image is:
  • loving the image you see in the mirror
  • developing confidence to speak your truth and take positive action
  • learning to think outside your circumstances and begin creating an amazing life 
  • being the author of your thoughts, creating a mindset for success, happiness and fulfillment 
  • choosing to feel good in your own skin! 
  • Life will become exciting, adventurous and a journey that you create

Your SHIFT begins now!

Your self image is less about the image you see reflecting back at you in the mirror, and more about how you feel about the image. 

It's all about aligning the energy of your emotions, thoughts and actions that will lead you to consciously create the life YOU CHOOSE!

Staying awake and seeing joy in every moment takes practice. Keep your eyes open, you will begin loving what you see ~ I promise!

I'm here to teach you to take inspired action - not just any action - inspired action - from a place of joy, from love, from excitement for who you are. 

And it’s just 1% improvement 1 day at a time to create the momentum for positive change.
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Dawn Gaden is the owner and CEO of Mind Body Counseling & Coaching, PLLC, an international speaker, a successful entrepreneur and a powerhouse in the field of personal development. She is internationally known for igniting positive change. Dawn has devoted her life to studying with the best in the field of change work...

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