You are so strong!

I'm so excited to see you here ~ it’s your strength that guided you here! 

Your searching (and deep knowing) for the truth of your beauty, worthiness and joy is what led you here. 

We're going to walk this path together and I'll help you see your strength when you feel weak. 

I'll help you feel your worth when you feel empty. 

This is exciting! Your searching is a sign that you're choosing to wake up to your life - to create a conscious life

No more sleepwalking through life on autopilot wondering who’s in charge. 
You are!

I will help you claim your power to love your life, make conscious decisions to live a life on purpose ~ with passion and joy! 

Staying awake and seeing joy in every moment takes practice. 

I'm here to teach you to take inspired action - not just any action - inspired action - from a place of joy, from love, from excitement for who you are. 

And it’s just 1% improvement 1 day at a time to create the momentum for positive change.
That's what living is all about ~ creating your reality! 
YOU ARE stronger than any circumstance that arrives, clear on where to put your focus in order to create what YOU want. 
I’m here to show you how to let go of the old story, what keeps you stuck, living on repeat ~ creating what you don’t want day after day. 
It’s time to lead your life from your heart - feeling into your power, celebrating who you are in all your greatness! 
I am so excited for you to discover and uncover what's been hiding in you ~  your beauty ~ strength ~ passion ~ to live your life on purpose 
with so much joy!
Tools for your journey
Unleash Your Joy

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Stress Relief 4 U!

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About Dawn Gaden

Dawn Gaden is the owner and CEO of Mind Body Counseling & Coaching, PLLC, an international speaker, a successful entrepreneur and a powerhouse in the field of personal development. She is internationally known for igniting positive change. Dawn has devoted her life to studying with the best in the field of change work...