Unwind Your Mind with These Simple Steps

The only power that you have lies within your mind. Your thoughts are powerful, they create your reality and it is the one thing you have complain domain over. 

I know that it doesn't always feel true. Sometimes our thoughts go so fast that we feel out of control. The mind races, our hearts pound, we can't seem to get it together. 

Victor Frankl, Austrian Psychiatrist and author of Man's Search for Meaning, states: between stimulus and response is a space, and in this space lies your power. 

This is where your genius lives.  In the quiet, calm, deep knowing of the stillness that is you. 

The practice is being aware of the space and allowing yourself to be there, to breathe, to be, and to know. 

I often tell my clients that you cannot be breathing deeply and experience a panic attack at the same time. It's just not possible. So we must be the masters of our breath and then we become the masters of our minds , choosing our thoughts and creating how we want to experience life. 

I invite you to begin by practicing every day to be, just be in the space between stimulus and response. It's simply to just begin noticing your breath. Notice your thought telling yourself "I am aware of my breath". That's it, just start there. A few minutes every day and you will begin to experience a shift in how you think, feel and experience your life each day. You will feel your mind slowing down, discovering the clarity of your thoughts and activating your inner genius. And best of all... this is where joy and happiness lives! Watch you'll see. Give it a try.

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