Manifest With Friends!
The most difficult and the most rewarding work you will ever do, is to work you do on yourself. 

And yes, for those parents out there - this is even bigger than parenting! I know this because I have 4 boys, including twins, and I am a personal development expert ~ I teach it, practice it, and live it. 

Remember there's no perfection - delete that from your vocabulary. Certain things are uncertain. Perfection is not only uncertain, it is really untrue. We have created this idea around the concept of perfection in that we do no wrong, never screw up and never fail.

Here's the new meaning of perfection (try it out!) ~ You show up. You do your best.  You be authentically you. You love yourself with all the pieces (wanted and unwanted). You thrive in your genius. 

People often ask me how I do it. How do I stay happy, confident, at ease when I am working with people every day and helping them get through their problems. 

I Do The Work!

I take time off. I play. I meditate. I journal. 

And most important, I have my community of friends and colleagues that support and cheer each other on! 

Manifesting with Friends will spark joy and creativity in you and bring you more success in all that you do. We even started a Morning Money Study ~ juicy stuff! One of the most emotional topics to get in touch with!


You're all invited! this group is open to to you. Check it out, and join this amazing community. Remember, the more good we have, the more good we can share! Check it out!


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