Unleash Your Inner Voice

I'm standing in the front of the class, excited to give my presentation and also scared to death that I will screw it up. My face and neck are red, I can feel my heart pounding out of my chest, my palms are sweaty.

I did it! Got my grade, maybe not an A but, good enough! 

When's the next one? Any school performance, project or presentation, I signed up for. Was I perfect? Absolutely not. For goodness sakes I was a teenager in high school! I was learning, finding my footing, terrified and having fun at the same time. 

There was something about speaking that I really had fun with. I remember during the times I was in dance class and cheerleading, I would get home, set up the picnic table in the yard and ask for an audience of my parents and siblings to come watch so that I could practice. 

You see, my first career choice was going to be an MTV dancer! Do you remember when MTV was simply music videos (for all of you growing up in the 80's)? I dreamed of being in one of those videos - dancing, moving, sweating! What a dream!

So I practiced, I got good, and I was passionate about what I wanted to do. No, you won't see me in any MTV music video from the 80's. But you may have seen me speaking at a castle in Northern Ireland, or at the USAF Academy in Colorado Springs. Maybe you've  heard me on one of the many podcasts I've been hosted on to share my story. Or maybe you have attended one of my intenSati classes. 

The path may not have gone the way I expected it to, but it has been the journey that has been amazing. 

Who ever thinks about speaking in a castle!!?!? The unexpected is sometimes the most exciting times in life. 

You may not have the dream to speak on a stage to hundreds of people, or teach a class. I do know for certain you have a message to share with the world. You matter! You are worthy! And you are here for a purpose. 

How ever you decide to live and speak you truth, here are 3 keys to guide you along your journey of living your best life and letting your worthiness shine through!

1. be in the right room - it's not worth sharing your dreams and goals with someone who won't support you. Get really honest with yourself about who will encourage you and cheer you on to succeed. 
2. stop letting fear run the show - All the excuses you can come up with to NOT do what you truly desire, is just fear getting in the way. Decide to be excited for the adventure of the journey rather than fearing what could go wrong. Fear is just a feeling - it doesn't define you. Don't let it dictate your happiness.
3. believe in yourself - you and only you can decide how far you want to go in this life. You have to be your biggest cheerleader first and foremost. Yes, it's practice, persistence and the power from within you to move in the direction of your dreams. 

Let's chat and see how I can help you reach your goals and truly believe in yourself!


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