Take Back Your Power!

Now is the time to live with great intention!

Do you feel like you keep going through the motions, not getting what you want out of life? 

As if those big dreams and goals keep getting further and further away.

The days keep slipping through your fingertips and day after day seems to bleed into each other.

It's not meant to be that way. We have lots of distractions in our life. Those things that we were told were supposed to make life easier. The problem is that we give our power to these 'things' expecting life to be better and easier. 

Nothing can replace you! Remember these things are tools, and you direct how they fit in your life. 

Use these simple steps to bring more ease and power back into your day:

1. decide when to answer texts - set a time that works for you. You don't have to answer the phone, email, messages until you choose!

2. set an alarm every day to turn off the outside and tune in to you. Ask yourself: Am I feeling how I want to feel today? If not, make a choice to do it different.

3. Every morning look yourself in the mirror and say "I choose how I want to feel and and show up today!"

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