What A Difference A Day Makes!

What's your dream?

What calls to you as you lie in bed at night, thinking of your dream life?

What wishes, hopes, and dreams that seem to be unfulfilled, continously living in 'dreamland'?

I know, you're thinking - "it's no big deal. That's not real life. It's just a dream. I need to be practical." 

Let me ask you something, how many super practical people do you know that are over the top happy, satisfied and loving their life?

I see a lot of practical people trying to 'make it' to retirement, making enough money to religiously pay their bills each month staying within the lines, not reaching to high as to stay safe and not be dissapointed. 

Most people, when they reach their 'finish line' regret the things they didn't do, the risks they didn't take. 

I don't believe that dreams were meant to be out of reach, child's play, something we just want but never achieve. That sounds so sad! A life wasted on regret! 
It's the small steps each day, the 1% improvement 1 day at a time. And most importantly, love yourself like your life depended on it. 
Because it does! I want to share 3 of my favorite daily inspired action to get to that dream - make it real for yourself:
1. meditation
2. move your body
3. journal 

Not sure how or what to journal, check out my YES! YES! Journal ~ just 33 days at a time. Get it here!


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