I AM So Grateful!
Do this one thing every day and watch your world shift!

It was January 2018 NYC, intenSati new years event. This was my first event as an intenSati Leader to be front and center leading a room of 200+ participants in the series "I can do hard things" one of my favorite series!  Not only am I ready, I am bubbling over like a giddy child, excited to shout out affirmations " I can do hard thing! I am stronger than before!"

I was so excited to be in this community of empowered women, leading from the heart and showing up as the best version of ourselves. 
Standing in the front row with about 11 other leaders, facing the crowd of students ready and willing to "do hard things". 

This was a life changing experience for me. Another trip from Michigan to NYC to spend the day with my mentor, teacher and someone I admire who created a practice that would continue to be the foundation of all that I do, teach and live.

The day was coming to a close, a team of us were packing up the rest of the t-shirts, journals, and other memorabilia from the event. As we were leaving, I asked P (that was Patricia's nickname), "why didn't we sell 'Wake Up and Win' shirts, they're awesome!" Her response - "this, we only made one. You can have it". 

Before I could say another word she was taking the shirt off her body and handing it to me. Her only words, "it might be a little sweaty from the day." I laughed, and felt giddy, a bit like a groupy catching a bandana or guitar pick tossed into the crowd from the singer on stage. That was P. She would give you the shirt off your back, with a smile, so kind, so gracious. I still have that shirt, will always remember that event.

Have you ever given the shirt off your back? Besides for my kids, on a chilly evening after playing in the sun all day. No, I have not. Have you? What would that feel like? Would you give the shirt off your back, just because? 

I challenge you today, and every day forward to give something every day and watch your world shift. It may be a simple smile to a stranger, or your leftovers to a  hungry person, buy someone flowers. Whatever it may be, commit to giving with gratitude and watch your world shift. 


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