Stop Talking About What You Don't Want!

Do you notice the negative talk lately? Complaints, judgements, criticism. Maybe it's about your family, friends, co-workers, and even about yourself. 

There's nothing wrong with noticing what you don't want.

Now it's time to move on. 

I got into coaching after my clients kept telling me "you're not a therapist, you're a coach". Back in the early 2000's, coaches were in football, baseball and other sports. I had no idea what they were talking about. And then they shared.....

"you don't let me stay stuck in what I don't want. I don't get to come in here every week and just complain. (heck no!) You help me see possibility. You show me that I have choices, that I can decided what to do in my life, create what I want. 

Well of course! Isn't that what's it's all about - creating positive change? 

Apparently not all therapists work this way. 

And this might be why so many of my clients are living their best life - reaching their goals, having loving relationships, traveling, creating a life they love. 

It's possible for you too! You have to shift your energy, thoughts, and attention to what you Do want, and stop feeding what you DON'T want.

I can teach you how: join The Image Shift Coaching Program and watch yourself transform!


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