What's In Your Mind
When did it become ok for others' opinions to be more important than our own? "You're too old, too short, not smart enough, you can't do that, other people are successful....."  Don't you remember all the 'stories' you were told growing up? Somewhere along the way, you believed them. Who says what's true?



You get to define who you are!


Did you know that 95% of what we think, feel, and do comes from the subconscious mind? So who's living your life? Who's stories, thoughts, beliefs are you running on? All of those pre-programmed thoughts and beliefs you were taught up until now was your reality. And NOW you get to change the program. Isn't that great? Empowering! Freedom! 

How, you ask?

Tuning in. Paying attention. Deciding which thoughts to feed and which to delete. Not letting a single thought escape your awareness. When you're aware of your thoughts, they are now in you conscious awareness, no longer hiding in the subconscious. Now you can take action. 

I have many tools that help us tap into the subconscious mind. One of my favorite practices is intenSati - a spiritual fitness program that uses movement, mantras, music and meditation to awaken your true self so that you can live an empowered life. 

You can join me for my intenSati every Mondays at 8am on Facebook and Instagram. It is a life changing experience. Are you ready to evolve into your greatness?


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