JANUARY 11, 2025!
This is the year to amplify your life, to fuel your dreams and desires with joy, happiness and enthusiasm! 
This is NOT another year to mark another goal off your list. 
It is NOT another new year's resolution rerun. 
This IS the year to AMPLIFY YOUR JOY  and consciously create the life that you love! 


What is it that you really, really want for your life right now? Let's get crystal clear on what inspires you, excites you and brings you joy. We're going to bring it to life!


When we feel good, we do good. We are going to ignite fun and playfulness to fuel your passions and desires, by moving the body and elevating our energy with intenSati.


Fuel your goals with your vision. Meditation helps you formulate the vision of what you desire. I'll guide you into stillness so that you can hear your desires!


What You'll Get with a 2025 intenSati Event!

Let's amplify your joy, create clarity in your mind, and create the life you love!

At the INTENSATI New Year Event 2025, I'll teach you:

  • How to identify ways to amplify more joy in your life

  • The best and fastest way to have fun in work and personal life

  • How you can transition from feeling stuck to feeling freedom

  • The exact tools I use and steps I took to do this for myself!
Helping you wake up to your worthiness and shift into your best self is what I do!  I've helped hundreds in the last year to achieve the life that they desire, and live with more joy!

Start Amplifying More JOY Today!

WHEN: January 11, 2025. 9:00am - 1:00pm
WHERE: Brighton Lighthouse. 142 Brighton Lake Road, Brighton MI 48116

FRIDAY ONLY SALE: use code - AMPLIFY - for discount

Early bird registration ends December 20 ~  $77
Regular registration begins December 20 ~ $97

  • Yes! Yes! Journal - 33 days at a time to align your hearts desires with intentional action and create your amazing life
  • Essential Oil
  • Lunch options for all
  • and some other surprises!


Amplify Your Joy 2025!
 New Year 2025 to amplify joy and consciously create your amazing life!

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