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"I had to shift my self image, stop being the super hero for others, and be the super hero for myself.  
Rather than thinking that I needed to change who I was, I realized that I needed to stop trying to be someone that I wasn't!  
I was transforming!"


Twenty-four successful, engaging speakers share their stories of empowerment, resilience and overcoming – to help YOU discover your voice so you can speak UP! Out! In your truth! And from a place of love.

Self-discovery and self-awareness is needed more than ever right now!Perfectly timed, I am thrilled to have authored a chapter in this uplifting, refreshing, collaboration that’s bursting with heartfelt stories that will engage and uplift you.

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My chapter shares with you how cancer cured me of a mindset of fear, resentment, blame and guilt. My journey through cancer was one of awakening and self love. I am passionate about sharing my journey so that you can choose love over fear, joy over sadness, and abundance over lack  RIGHT NOW!

I know you’ll find the voices in this book uplifting. You’ll be inspired to move in the direction of your dreams, live a life of love, a life you love, and a life well lived!
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