Create a High Performance State of Living!  
Tuesday Oct 25 @ 4:00pm est -7pm
OR  Saturday Oct 29 @ 10am  - 1pm
3 hour RETREAT: Learn to implement the 3 Secrets to manifesting the life of your dreams so that you can see obstacles as opportunities, choice is your superpower and create conscious living every day!
What You'll Learn

Master Your Mindset


Learn to rewire the brain and 'feed' the thoughts that inspire you to take intentional action.

elevate Your Emotions

Learn to create a new energy signature and a high performance state with the intenSati Method. Go home with your own personal moving meditation with mantras.

Create Conscious Connections


How to connect to your inner voice, activate your intuition and feel confident in taking intentional action. Once our inner light is on, then we know how to connect with the world around us.

Let's shift your image and create a life you love, a life of love and a life well lived!

In this workshop, I'll teach you...

  • How to identify the areas in your life that you are on autopilot, identify blocks, and write your new story

  • Create a high performance state of thinking and feeling within 3 minutes

  • How to create a conscious life and authentic relationships 

  • The exact tools I use and steps I took to do this for myself
  • essential oils, workbook and personalized affirmations included!
Waking up from autopilot is what I help you do. Along with hundreds of my clients, you will choose the thoughts, words and actions to create a powerful positive self image!

Be the hero in your own story today!

I am so excited to see you on Soon for our Arise Retreat!

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