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Meet Dawn Gaden

Hi and welcome to living a vibrant life that you create!

Dawn Gaden is the CEO of Mind Body Counseling & Coaching PLLC. As a licensed counselor, international speaker, and best selling author, her global coaching program - The Image Shift helps her clients get unstuck from limiting beliefs and rewire their brain for success. 

With over 2 decades in the world of personal empowerment, she’s been mentored by speaking icons Bob Proctor and Wayne Dyer, and has spoken on stages including the U.S. Air Force Academy, The Leading Voice Summit, United Nations Youth Federation in Ghana, and Crom Castle Northern Ireland and podcasts to over 10,000 people.

With the intenSati Method, Dawn teaches a whole-body experience that elevates your energy, creates a powerful image shift that leads to a high performance state of living. 

She is most grateful for the gifts she has discovered through her journey with cancer. 

She loves traveling with her family, paddle-boarding, and taking long walks on the beach.

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